The Art and Science of Candle Making


From working with master perfumers and sourcing the highest quality ingredients to utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and timeless craftsmanship, we pay meticulous attention to every critical detail when designing the ultimate scented candle. At Crazy Strong, our number-one goal is creating the most beautiful fragrance with the strongest impact that a true candle lover craves, so Crazy Strong fills your world with an unforgettable fragrance experience every time.


Our candle-making journey begins with inspiration that ultimately becomes fabulous fragrances that are so beautiful and impactful that they trigger positive emotions that make us feel amazing. The inspiration can be a blend of cherished scents, memories, people, places or even just wonderful feelings that can be difficult to put into words. We work with master perfumers to develop our crazy-strong fragrances with a blend of natural essential oils and other premium fragrance compounds specifically formulated to deliver both maximum beauty and strength when lit (and also when not).

The base, middle and top notes of our fragrances are designed to deliver a beautiful, crazy-strong initial impact, as well as ongoing intensity throughout the burn—and long afterwards. We do extensive testing on every aspect of our fragrance oils, as each complex formulation is comprised of a large number of fragrance compounds (but not too many), which is key for a luxurious, beautiful core. Critical to achieving the most beautifully impactful Crazy Strong fragrance experience is a concentration of 16% fragrance oil in every candle, the highest amount possible in a candle, which is 50% more than the average luxury scented candle.


Once we’ve developed the most beautiful, crazy-strong fragrance oils, we carefully blend them with our proprietary blend of premium waxes which is formulated to further maximize scent release. Our unique wax is formulated to a specific softness, which allows a higher amount of fragrance to adhere to the wax while providing a more luxurious look.

Our signature fragrance oils are added to the wax in specific ratios, as too much (or too little) of each ingredient can change the way the candle releases its all-important scent. The fragrance oils and wax are blended at exactly 180 degrees then poured immediately in very small batches, so the fragrance doesn’t evaporate and we’re able capture its full strength and beauty in the wax. Our wax is also developed to achieve a beautiful “wide pool,” melting at an ideal ¼ inch depth, from edge-to-edge. You’ve probably never given this a second thought (unless you’ve experienced a “wick pit” or “tunneling” when using a candle is not created to burn properly). This important part of candle design allows more of the fragrance to evaporate off the wax pool and diffuse into the air, so you can enjoy more of its beautiful, crazy-strong fragrance for hours on end.


The quality, thickness, shape, size and material of a wick play vital roles in the ultimate performance of a scented candle. The wick’s job is to draw the liquified wax and fragrance oil up to the flame as fuel to burn. Different wick attributes allow for different amounts of fuel to be drawn to the fire. Too much fuel and the flame will flare and soot, too little fuel and it will sputter out. We sourced the highest grade, 100% cotton braided wicks that ensure a slow, steady, clean and consistent burn that maximizes the impact of the fragrance’s strength and beauty. Our wicks are also precisely centered, which is crucial for ensuring the candle burns down the middle, leaving minimal wax behind—and we use two wicks attached to the glass with molten beeswax to deliver more crazy-strong fragrance and maximize your fragrance experience.


Our glass containers are designed to look beautiful, elegant and luxe in any setting or décor. Accented with our 22ct-gold signature, the substantial weight of the glass not only makes it look and feel luxurious, it also ensures that the glass doesn’t get too hot to the touch or crack. Our glasses hold 13 ounces of candle fill, which is significantly more than most luxury candles. The larger size and higher percentage of fragrance oil used per ounce of candle allows you to enjoy a more beautifully powerful fragrance experience for a longer period of time (60-70 hours).


Our meticulous production process takes another two days of work, including wax smoothing, wick trimming and additional stringent performance and quality tests. Only then can any batch of Crazy Strong candles enter the final packaging stage. This is when Crazy Strong candles are ready for their beautiful crown—the gorgeous gold top with our iconic Crazy Strong lightning bolt stamped into it. Our signature symbol represents the intensely gorgeous power of our candles.

The final step is placing our candles into their beautiful, lavish boxes, with each vibrant color corresponding to the Crazy Strong fragrance inside. Our elegant boxes are of the highest quality and thickness to enhance their first impression while providing more protection to the candle—ensuring that you always receive, or gift, the ultimate Crazy Strong candle experience from start-to-finish.