The Crazy Strong story starts with our love for scented candles. But not just any scented candle. Of course, ones with beautiful fragrances are a must, but as important are candles that deliver these fragrances with strength and impact. Why? Because candles that give us more of the fragrances we love make us happy. This is because a beautiful, powerful sensory experience stimulates our brain. And this positively affects our mood by making us more relaxed, calm, focused, excited, passionate or simply feel like having fun. As fragrance fanatics, we know that every day is a better day when our space is enhanced with an amazing scented candle!

The idea for Crazy Strong came out of our passion for great candles— and our inability to find ones that truly delivered both maximum beauty and maximum strength we craved. We lost count of the number of times we’ve bought luxury candles and said, “Wow, this fragrance is weak” or “I wish this fragrance was stronger.” So we decided to find a way to make a better luxury scented candle that truly represents the “holy grail” of maximum beauty and strength. In other words, the ultimate candle!

We were in a position to figure this out as over the prior years we had done work related to literally formulating thousands of fragrance oils for thousands of different candles. In the process, we learned the intimate details of what makes a superior fragrance oil (and what makes an inferior one). We discovered how to harmoniously meld fragrance oils with the other key candle components to create a truly superior candle. We saw and learned every single aspect of the candle-making process. There were no more secrets.

And out of this intense work came two revelations.

The first revelation was that it was rare that luxury scented candles delivered the truly fabulous, strong fragrance experience we candle-lovers desire - and there are three main reasons:

  1. Most fragrance oils are formulated without setting output criteria that demand both maximum beauty and maximum strength. It’s difficult to optimize a fragrance’s beauty and strength and have them work together harmoniously as one, but this is essential for the optimal fragrance experience.
  2. Most companies don’t use the highest amount of fragrance oil possible in their candles. (Not that you would know as companies rarely, if ever, disclose the details of their formulations). Sure, some companies say it’s because they like their fragrances best at lower strengths— but we know it’s mainly about cost. What beautiful fragrance wouldn’t give you a more meaningful experience if it was stronger? Whether a scent is soft or more intense, a beautifully and creatively formulated candle is guaranteed to enhance your response to it.
  3. Candles can be compared to a jigsaw puzzle. All of the pieces— the fragrance oil, wax, wick and glass—have to be intentionally created or selected so they fit together perfectly. The harmony of these elements is essential for maximizing the beauty and strength of your fragrance experience.

The second revelation was that we could make better luxury scented candles that deliver the most beautiful fragrances with the strongest possible impact we (and all) candle-lovers crave. We had the knowledge and the desire, and we were willing to put in the work. So we spent the next five years researching and developing the ideal scented candle. Once we created the perfect candle that delivered everything we wanted, we were ready to introduce Crazy Strong to the world.

Since the beginning, there has always been one thing we’ve known for sure, which became the foundation that Crazy Strong was built on. We believe that when you put genuine love into producing something the best way possible, you make an even better product. Like a delicious, home-cooked meal, everything is better when made with love. This is especially true with scented candles, which combine the passion, creativity and knowledge of so many artisans and every individual involved in the process. This is the only way to create the most beautiful candles that impart gorgeous fragrances that fill our homes, hearts and souls.

Our mission is to give you the ultimate impactful fragrance experience you crave, in the form of the ultimate luxury candles you deserve. The journey to create Crazy Strong was, and every candle we make is, a labor of love. There’s magic in love— and our love is Crazy Strong.

From our families to yours, we wish you health, happiness, love and a world that is always filled with crazy-beautiful, crazy-strong fragrances!

— The Crazy Strong Team